About us

Make an authentic impact.

The business

Enabling you to make an authentic impact – for over 15 years.

At RIXCOM, we specialise in teaching senior executives the art of confident, persuasive public speaking. For more than 15 years, we have worked with DAX-listed companies and leading management consultancy organisations. We give clients all the tools they need to become outstanding public speakers – and make a positive, professional impression.

The Benefits to you.

We equip you to communicate confidently and convincingly in any situation, whether you are speaking at a conference, in an important meeting with employee representatives, or dealing with demanding customers and difficult staff members. Our training will teach you to analyse, summarise and communicate the most complex of issues quickly and clearly – and remain composed and persuasive even when under pressure.

Experts in public speaking

The discipline of public speaking has a long and rich history, going back to the system of rhetoric developed by Aristotle. Famous rhetors from the Ancient World – such as Demosthenes in Greece and Quintilian in Rome – are still celebrated today. The ability to communicate clearly, confidently and convincingly is one of the most important skills there is.

The coaches at RIXCOM aren’t just masters of public speaking – they are masters of passing on their skills and knowledge, too.

Jürgen Rixgens

Alexander Burger, Trainer Rixcom

Alexander Burger

Angela Bittner, Rhetor Rixcom

Angela Bittner

Rhetorin Carla Grund genannt Feist

Carla Grund genannt Feist

Christiane Feist, Rhetor Rixcom

Christiane Feist

Claus Kruesken

Trainerin Franziska Rudolph, Rixcom

Franziska Rudolph

Lisa Hengl, Trainerin Rixcom

Lisa Hengl

Martin Herkenhoff, Trainer Rixcom

Dr. Martin Herkenhoff

Ralf Scheitenberger, Business Development

Ralf Scheitenberger

Ramy Nasser

Ramy Nasser

Trainerin Rebekka Manos, Rixcom

Rebekka Manos

Sophie Linder, Trainerin Rixcom

Sophie Linder

Thomas Hohenacker, Rhetor Rixcom

Thomas M. Hohenacker